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Here's PROOF That I Can Help You Get Rich As a Copywriter...(Even If You Currently Suck)

Listen to previous graduates of the original Copywriting Empire Program, as they share their feedback and experience with you.


"Raked In $3990 My First Month!"

I have to confess: I've become highly skeptical about a lot of money-making "schemes" out there, both on & off the internet. Seems like I get hit with one every day. But when I started to become interested in copywriting as a potential new career (I was a health care professional in my past life), it seemed to have everything I want. Money, freedom, the ability to work from home, flexible hours, etc. So when I received Jo Han's offer to invest in his Copywriting Empire Home Study Program, I jumped on it... Quickly! I studied, I read, I applied what I learned. Most of all, I WROTE. And not only did I get accepted as one of Jo Han's Executive Partners, but I also made $3990 in fees my very first month as a "professional copywriter". So, without hesitation, I would recommend to you to invest in yourself - invest in Jo Han's Copywriting Home Study Program. Do it now. A six-figure income is very realistic. I expect to exceed that this year. I know you can, too!

- Susan Nickerson


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"Jo Han, Finally! I have all the pieces to the puzzle. Yeah, I've read all the books and taken other courses... but now I really get it! Your uncencorsed, straight-forward, no-holds barred sytle was just what the copy doctor ordered. You gave us the "inside" scoop all the other polite (and selfish) copywriters didn't think we could handle. Ha! The truth is always good medicine, even if it goes down a little hard! The Copywriting Empire System helped me get my copy game "down solid" and handed me a "wicked" deep bag of tricks. Not to mention, as a result of this program... You handed me my first paying gig! With many more to come. Now that's what I call results! Jo Han, you're one amazing "kick ass" copywriting cat! I owe you big-time, dude! And when I'm rich and famous some day, I'll buy you a car or something."

- George Paiva, The Copy Bully


"Since I Completed Your Course I've Already Had 2 Paying Jobs!"

"When I first signed on to the Copywriting Empire Course I must say I thought it would be like all the other courses I've taken since I began my Internet Marketing career almost six years ago. Boy was I ever wrong! Your depth of knowledge, your unique style and the wit and humor you include in the lessons make learning a breeze. I've never believed in myself enough to actively promote my copywriting skills until now, but since I completed your course I've already had 2 paying jobs and am working on my third. Thanks so much Jo Han!"

- Bob Kleine


"Inspiring Combination That Transformed Me..."

"Just a quick note to say how much I gained from your copywriting course. The combination of audios, notes, examples, supporting software, and assignments was an inspiring combination that transformed me from a copywriting wannabe, to a copywriting work-in-progress. Took me from the sidelines, and put me in the trenches. Doing this course gave me the inspiration, tools and courage to tackle writing the sales letter for my new product. It hasn't been easy. Becoming a good copywriter doesn't happen in a few weeks. So I've had several rewrites. And I'll do several more. But the point is - I know how to start the process. Know what to look for. Know where to look for tips and inspiration. Have some unique software tools to speed up the process. And that's because ... your course gives anybody the wherewithal to start developing one of the highest-paying skills a person can have."

- Jeff Walters


"Giving People Copywriting Jobs Is Just Priceless!"

"The amount of information you give in this course is increadible...No filler...100% million dollar copy writing information. I spend 15,000 bucks a year on my copywriting and direct response marketing education...This course is up their with the best courses that exist. The fact that you will be giving people copywriting jobs (if they qualify) is just priceless!"

- Bobby Gordon


"Dramatically Changed My Life For The Better!"

“If you’re like me, you’re curious to crack the product open and put it through its paces. Once in a blue moon something astounding happens, and to my pleasant ecstatic surprise it’s just mind-boggling. Jo’s energy had me glued to my seat, and saved me three years of time with his training, the results are staggering. Look, I’ve gotta tell ya I feel absolutely fantastic about the real quality of info/resources. So listen up 'cause I’m about to skip over all the hype and get down to the cold hard facts. Jo Han Mok’s Copywriting Empire Home Study Course is right on the money, incredible and so darn relevant, no…actually it's breathtakingly accurate. Quite frankly it has passed my value-added and over-deliver Richter scale with flying colors, dramatically changed my life for the better, beyond wildest dreams. This can be your own easily-to-follow road map to copywriting success. I believe with all my heart it’ll be well-worth your time to know this exclusive stuff. Thanks a million Jo Han.”

- John Mignano
Melbourne, Australia



"Not Only Changes Lives But Builds Business Empires As Well!"

"First of all I wanted to thank you for creating this remarkable program as it has helped me to change my life! Not too many people know this but a little over 4 years ago I was just beginning to explore the internet and how to make money on it. Through various online events I was able to meet YOU Jo and you had become my online buddy! Well you were still in college then and I was pretty SHOCKED at how much money you were making as a full-time student until you told me how to do the same thing myself! Honestly - I didn’t quite understand everything you told me then but as I began to take your words more seriously, and research everything you told me, (I know that was dumb) I soon realized how much priceless information you had given me. I then became a student of Salesmanship in Print and since then it has dramatically changed my life. I thought I was doing pretty well for myself, BUT when I recently joined your Copywriting Empire Coaching Program. WOW! Man…I thought I was good, but what I learned from you in your Copywriting Empire Program is without a doubt a life altering and business building event! Jo, your Copywriting Empire Home Study Program will not only change lives but, build ‘Business-Empires’ as well! Anyone who’s lucky enough to get their hands on this program is getting a rare diamond. I’ve never seen such easy to apply information on the subject of Copywriting ever before. I’ve not only doubled my website sales in a short time but I’ve also increased my coaching and consulting fees as a result. How awesome is that?! It almost brings me to tears to think that I was once homeless and penniless but now I have a skill that IS and WILL make me more money than some people ever see in a lifetime. Once again thank you for this."

- Rasheed Ali


"Made $668 After The Second Call!"

"I made $668.00 after the second call about creating headlines that sell. I used the 12th example on the cheat sheet and quickly and easily had 9 new headlines. Also using the 11th example of a powerful sub-headline, I had 7 sub-headlines in 53 minutes. This was on a product that I had not advertised for 17 months. Pretty good "hummm." My wife thought so. Shopping trip. By the way, by the end of the 6 weeks, that figure was $1438.00. That is only one product. Since meeting you live in person, I have read all of your sales letters 5 or 6 times. I have high-lighted phrases and notes in the margins on every page. I knew this would be a highly profitable experience. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning how to "make your words sale" do everything possible to get your course. You over delivered in every way possible!"

- Skip Stewart


"Never Publicly Endorsed Any Product Before!"

"I've never publicly endorsed any product before but I had to let you know how valuable your copywriting empire course has been for me. Although I knew how important copywriting skills are to successful marketing, I just couldn't find the right course that grabbed my attention until I heard about your Copywriting Empire Program. Prior to completing your course, my writing was hesitant, unsure. But now I'm churning out the copy--thanks to you. Thanks for teaching us the vitals of copywriting as well as the 'tricks of the trade' which equipped me with knowledge that boosted my confidence. I've already set up a couple of direct response websites since completing your course and I've even started my self improvement ebook which I had put on the back burner for a very long time. Now I'm moving onward and upward, to bigger and better (translate that to, more profitable) ventures. I would advise anyone who wants to be successful in this business to take your Copywriting Empire Program. It's an investment they will never regret making--as long as they apply themselves and follow your directions. Thank you, Jo Han."

- Morna Douglas


"A Whopping 60% of First Time Visitors Sign Up For My Newsletter Now!"

"When I was first introduced to the Copywriting Empire course, I was a little hesitant - I thought "here's another waste of time and money", but I was desperate for success and since nothing else worked for me, I decided to give it a try. Worst case, I would discover yet another idea that didn't work. Boy, was I wrong! Even before I had completed the course, I started to see a remarkable improvement - mailing list signups started to surge, lookers turned into buyers in unprecedented numbers - I could hardly believe my eyes! In disbelief, I checked my webstats and they showed lots of activity. So far, so good, but the real test was yet to come - I checked my payment account and THERE IT WAS - undisputable proof - the incoming cash was adding up like an out of control snowball tumbling down a ski slope! Now, nearly a whopping 60% of first time visitors to my website sign up for my newsletter and I'm selling more than I had ever imagined! There's no doubt that I'm seeing this phenomenal activity due to my new copywriting skills. Mastering the skill of copywriting means that you can literally write your own ticket. You'll possess the magical talent of turning words into money! Just imagine if you sold 20, 50, even 100 times what you're selling now - think of the positive impact that could have on your future! This is leading edge stuff that produces fantastic results and will stuff your pockets with a wad of cash that would choke a horse! Isn't it time YOU discover the real motivational elements that drive people to click the order button and buy products now? Learn how to turn YOUR products into HOT SELLERS with the valuable knowledge you'll gain from the Copywriting Empire course. If you really want to see BIG, POSITIVE changes in your professional, financial and personal life, enroll today!"

- Bill Garnier

Having good writing skills is an asset, but not necessary

The truth is, it's actually ridiculously easy, because you get virtually EVERYTHING you need to start bringing in riches and fame beyond your wildest dreams.

It's time to screech off on the wildest (and richest) ride of your life.


Jo Han Mok's Copywriting Empire 3.0!


As you continue to read every word of this report, you'll discover:

Exactly what my brand new Copywriting Empire 3.0 program is all about

How your bank account will explode and how your life will be transformed as a result of this program

Who your potential clients are, and why they’ll be literally ‘begging’ you to work with them

How this program is going to work and exactly what you’ll get when you join this program

And finally, the time sensitive action you need to do in order to lay your hands on over $4997 worth of FREE moneymaking bonuses

Let’s start off with what my new Copywriting Empire 3.0 program is all about.

This is very much a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-down-to-business program.

The objective of this program is two-fold:

"To become an A level, world class copywriter, and to transform your copywriting skills into money with your very own turnkey Internet Direct Response Agency..."

In other words, you’ll be completely immersed in the world of copywriting … developing an “A” game – everything from mastering killer headlines … to laying down great leads and letter copy … to building a professional portfolio … to structuring your freelance business … to lining up clientele … to understanding the mechanics and workings of the direct-response industry.

You don't realize it yet, but by the time you're done with Copywriting Empire 3.0:

You'll become a skilled writer empowered to compete against — and beat — the very best copywriters in the world.

And you'll get a goldmine of proven strategies for marketing your business and your individual talents and you'll know exactly how to put together everything you’re learning to build and run a perfectly organized, money-making business of your own.

I can pretty much guarantee you’ll:

  • Begin building a solid business in a matter of months, not years

  • Always knowing exactly what to do in any business situation

  • Expanding your business until you have all the work you want

  • Never worrying where your next assignment will come from

  • Always be organized, motivated, and focused

  • Maximize your income, boosting your free time, and minimizing stress

  • Starting and running a business is a strategic, methodical, big-picture undertaking. You’re no longer an employee — you’re the boss.

And I’m not expecting you to take this big step on your own.

I’ve done 95% of all the work for you, and will be with you every step of the way.

Nothing is left to chance.

Money, Power & Freedom Awaits You!

This is a detailed, easy-to-understand roadmap to making bucketloads of cash from your own successful Internet direct response agency.

It’s been created to shine a bright light on a make-or-break part of your writing business that isn’t covered anywhere else.

There's no theory here …just proven, real-world results.

So if you’ve ever wanted your own business that offers stunning freedom and outrageous money for very little work… this is gonna to rock your world.

How Much Freedom?

Well, think about it.

One of the greatest things about copywriting is that it is a financially valuable skill you'll have for a lifetime – one where you can decide how to make it serve you best.

For me, I LOVE not having to wake up to an alarm clock, and being able to sleep in for as long as I want.

If you love getting up early to work, you can do it.

If you work best at night, do that instead. If you want to write for three hours or eight hours – the choice is yours.

You can operate your business with nothing more than a laptop, or if you so prefer…a pen and a pad of paper.

So technically, your office could be anywhere.

It could be your kitchen table, your bedroom, a sidewalk café, Starbucks, or even right smack in the middle of a pool.

You can take a break whenever you feel like it, stop work whenever you want, or live your life on a permanent vacation.

You don’t answer to anyone but yourself.

Clients respect your time… and pay you ridiculous sums of cash to write copy that’s EASY for you (once you know the simple shortcuts)... and you decide how much money you want to earn each year.

How Much Money?

Here are some typical figures.

First, beginners start at about $2,500.00 for a typical direct mail sales letter. The industry average is about $6,500.00 for the same type of letter and can go up to $25,000.00 or more!

Personally, I charge $25,000.00 plus 5% of the gross sales generated by the letter.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why someone would pay you all this money just to write a letter, the answer is simple:

They expect that your letter will make THEM a LOT OF MONEY And if you are any good, it

If you would rather not deal with clients, that's OK too because then you get to keep ALL the profits - not just 5% of the gross.

If your letter produces $1,000,000.00 in sales -- if it is your promotion -- your typical profit from such a letter could be $300,000.00 to $400,000.00!!!

And because you will be writing the letter yourself, you SAVE the $25,000.00 up front fee.

Regardless of how you decide to use your new letter writing ability, you will find that you can pretty much have the
freedom to live life as you choose.

And the best part is, you can do all this without a bunch of employees and high overheads.

This is your opportunity to escape the 9-to-5 rat race and all the office politics, unappreciative bosses and skimpy raises that go along with it

You'll Always Be In Charge!

Once you learn how to turn your copywriting skills into cash, you will never be out of work, no matter where you live, no matter what happens to the economy.

You’ll have total "job security."

Since you're your own boss, you can never be fired.

And this we’re just barely scratching the surface here.

You’re gonna be far more excited when you discover who your potential clients are, and why they’ll be literally ‘begging’ you to work with them.

But first, you might be wondering … with the economy in such dire straits, is there still a need for copywriters?


You'll Always Be In Demand!

You see, whether sales are up or down, one reality never changes: In the world of direct response, Copy is King.

Copy is the engine that drives all great marketing campaigns.

Remember this: NOTHING happens until the copy gets written.

And that’s the great thing about our industry:

Whether the economy’s struggling or flying high, the demand for copywriters will always be there.

If you follow my simple instructions… every client you deal with will clearly understand that YOU are the key to their continued success.

You’re not just a “vendor”, or some easily-replaceable consultant

So despite the current state of the economy and the job losses happening all around us, you can still enjoy the dream lifestyle freelance copywriting affords you.

More importantly, you can
take control of your personal and financial future at a time when it’s never been more crucial to do so – and never have to wake up in the morning wondering whether your job will be there for you when you get to work.

Talk is cheap though, so let’s take a look at the giant markets out there that are desperately willing to shell out the big bucks for people like YOU.

The Mother Of All Markets - The Worldwide Web!

First of all, there’s this giant market known as the Internet.

People need copy for:

  • Sales Pages

  • Landing Pages

  • Ezines

  • Email Campaigns

  • Pay-per-click campaigns

  • Blogs

  • Press Releases

There’s definitely no shortage of work that the web alone can bring you.

And then, there’s the $6.5 trillion market called the B2B, or Business To Business market nearly all of these companies need marketing materials – from Web sites, e-mails, and e-newsletters… to sales letters, direct mail packages, postcards, and self-mailers… to brochures, catalogs, videos, and PowerPoint presentations – to sell their products and services to business buyers.

That represents a largely untapped, virtually unlimited market for freelance copywriting services.

Get Paid To Improve Your Life!

And there’s also one of my favorite markets, the Self-Improvement market.

So much of the self-help industry is about fixing something – whether it's your sex life, your soul, or your cardiovascular system.

And that means…

More than enough products to fulfill a copywriter's dream! –And it's
burning for talent like yours.

Profit From Nonprofits!

Interestingly, there’s also lot of moolah to be made from non-profit organizations.

Whether you dedicate yourself to writing for nonprofits full-time or this is something you do to complement your work in other sectors, you'll find writing in the interest of helping a cause to be one of the most rewarding kinds of writing there is.

Big national nonprofits – have lots of well-paid marketing managers who pay their freelance copywriters handsomely to craft sales letters that support their causes, promote their message,s and bring in a flood of donations

The floodgates are open, my friend.

The Financial Market - An Absolute Money Machine

Not to forget, there’s also the most lucrative market of them all, the financial market.

Banks ... mutual funds ... mortgage brokers ... financial planners ... brokerage firms ... insurance companies ... options trading services ... and other clients in the financial services industry are all desperate to pay top dollar to copywriters who can sell more of their investment products and services to profit-hungry investors.

As a financial copywriter, you’ll be exposed to all kinds of money-making information – and not just mutual funds. You could write about stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, emerging markets, foreign currencies, hedge funds…

Your opportunities are endless.

The buck doesn’t end there though.

Save Lives And Rake In A Surgeon's Income!

There’s also BIG money to be made in the Health market.

Everywhere you look, there's talk about how to get healthier. How to fight cancer. How to lose weight. How to beat the flu. And as more experts point to nutrition as the solution, demand for dietary supplements is skyrocketing. In fact, global need has already topped $162 billion a year!

And that’s great news for people like us.

Health care copywriting can give you a steady stream of assignments even when the economy is uncertain, because the demand for health care products is largely unaffected by recession.

And there's simply no bigger satisfaction than knowing you're educating others on how to live longer, more energetic lives.

So how do you become that ‘go-to’ guy and put yourself in the enviable ‘toll-booth’ position where you can get FAT checks simply by giving these markets what they want?

Well, that’s exactly what Copywriting Empire Version 3.0 is all about.

Empowering you with THE copywriting skills and putting you in this coveted position where you can enjoy unlimited freedom, respect, money and POWER!


The 3 Pillars Of Your Copywriting Empire

Let me walk you through the 3 pillars upon which the program is founded on.

Pillar #1: You get my proven, stunningly simple short-cuts that will instantly boost your skills at writing killer sales copy even if you currently suck now.

I've tested and perfected an ingenious new 'template-based' copywriting system that lets you create powerful sales letters, web pages, emails and space ads faster and more effectively than anything you've ever seen.

My 'magic templates' takes all the guesswork out of creating response boosting winners. Just open a template on your computer, follow the simple, step-by-step instructions for each type of marketing piece, and you'll be able to repeatedly create powerful copy whenever you need it.

Regardless of whether you're a seasoned copywriter or a complete beginner, you will master the ability to use my templates to quickly and easily create highly profitable sales copy. I absolutely guarantee your success — or you won't pay a dime.

With my system you’ll be able to write sharp, powerful wicked good copy that you know is more compelling than anything else you produced previously.

You’ll gain the copywriting skills - and master the persuasion strategies -- you need to write a steady stream of winning promotions that can send response rates soaring ... and sales through the roof!

You’ll learn:

  • How to structure your message

  • How to craft powerful headlines that grab’em by the jugular

  • How to instantly ‘connect’ with your reader

  • How to weave ‘hypnotic stories’ into your copy

  • How to incorporate the strongest benefits your product has to offer

  • How to create the proper ‘look’ for your sales piece

  • And WAY too much to list over here.

Can you imagine... 

In just hours, you'll learn what to do to make rapid, conversion-boosting tweaks to your own salesletters' headlines and subheads.

You can't find a better way to master the techniques of world-class copy, than to "look over my shoulder as I explain everything" to you, step by simple step.

In short, you’ll be able to hotwire all my 9 years of copywriting knowledge - literally overnight!

It’s a very specific (and easy) roadmap that will take you from wherever you are right now, to where you want to be, as fast as humanly possible.

Pillar #2: You get the guaranteed ways to have a steady, unending stream of high-paying clients BEGGING you to write ads for them… starting as soon as you decide you’re ready.

This is the shortest way to the top -- where the money is outrageous, and life is super-easy.

You get the straight scoop on how to ramp up your copywriting business… fast!

You’ll be able land major Copywriting gigs … EVEN IF YOU'RE A BEGINNER!

Effortlessly attract 'dream' clients with:

More money ...
More repeat business ...
And greater financial stability!

Obviously, you’re thinking:

“I’m a nobody, who would want to hire me?”

“Where can I find my first client?”

“I have no experience. What do I do when a potential client asks to see my portfolio?”

“How do I set myself apart from other copywriters competing for the same gig?”

“How do I charge for my services?”

I've got ALL the answers for you – and a whole lot more in this module.

I guarantee you won’t find a more comprehensive collection of field-tested strategies, tactics, and tools for finding, attracting, getting, and keeping top-paying copywriting clients.

By following my simple methods - which I GUARANTEE that you can duplicate with ease - you can flood your inbox with inquiries, orders, leads, and new business ... more projects and assignments than you could ever hope to handle.

And the best is yet to come…

Pillar #3: You get everything you need to set up your own Internet Direct Response Agency.

You’ll learn how to create your OWN “client bait” site that bring in clients, cash in hand, from all over the world.

I provide you with sample phone scripts, contracts, , introduction, proposal and confirmation letters, rate schedules, and agreements you can use right away

You’ll be able to have potential customers and clients come to you ... rather than you going to them.

That means no expensive advertising, no "begging" for business ... no more low-balling your price just to close a sale.

Generate up to ten times as many leads as you could ever hope to handle - and get booked up to 3 to 6 months in advance.

Eliminate cold calling, sales presentations, or the need to do any personal selling.

Gain the admiration, respect, and (yes) even awe of your friends in your market and community.

More importantly, I’ll jettison you in the big leagues by giving you everything you need to position yourself as a Marketing consultant and get paid big bucks to conduct marketing checkups and makeovers.

You see, I'm not trying to brag or boast, but I have made a ton of money in the "advice business."

And I've done this in almost every way imaginable: writing, publishing, speaking, Webinars, teleconferences, seminars, boot camps, consulting, audio CDs, videos, and coaching.

Now, I have taken everything you need to start and run a successful six-figure consulting business and I’m giving it to you

You get all the sales materials, all the scripts and lead generation materials plus a step-by-step “System” to follow in order to make the process go smoothly.

You’ll also get a “Real” consulting report that I did for a client that paid over $6,500 for one day of consulting.

I walk you through exactly everything you need to do, every step of the way, so that you too, can “advise and profit!”

In today’s cash-crunched world, there may never be a better time to start as a highly paid freelancer.

How Much Should You Cheerfully Invest?

By now you should realize that I’m providing you EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

Well, there are several worthwhile and valuable "boot camps" you could attend that would cost you $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 (plus the cost of traveling, room, meals and incidentals) and the most personal attention you would get is maybe an hour on a "hot seat."

At this rate something like Copywriting Empire 3.0 would cost you about $50,000.00!!!

But you won’t have to pay anything near THAT amount.

In fact, your required investment is really a ridiculous sum when you consider what it would cost you to hire a copywriter -- even a bad one.

I have very deliberately lowered the bar to entry in lieu of the current economic situation.

Compared to what you stand to gain from this program, your investment is pretty much negligible, so it’s pretty much impossible that price is an issue.

If you’ve read all the way up to here, I know you’re serious and committed to your success.


    Bigger Fees

    More gigs

    Mind-Blowing royalties

    Clients lined up all around the block…

It can ALL be yours.

In any field, just 5% of the people make 95% of the fees.

You can't change the numbers, but we all choose which group we're in... because even if we don't decide consciously, you're still making a choice.

I lift the veil of mystery hiding the secrets of positioning yourself in the top 5% of fee earners, and share with you the exact strategies I used to go from a struggling college student to as high as $150k -a-project top-gun in just 3 years.

It's not hard, it's not "luck" and YOU already have the communication and relationship-building skills you need to achieve it.

But here's the thing I've discovered: for many people, to make the change it takes courage, commitment and confidence.

Otherwise you could be forever stuck doing a job you hate.

Knowing how to seize the opportunity in front of you is a very important piece of the puzzle 90 days from now, you could be happily clicking away on your laptop … sitting by your pool and banking in outrageous sums of money

How surprised will you be to discover how easy it is start bringing top quality clients to your business – the kind who are willing to pay you handsomely for your precious time, and who will keep you busy with a regular stream of profitable work.

This is the best life you could ever hope for.

Freedom, independence, and a skill for making money that will never leave you.

Now that you know what's possible, you'll never again have to struggle to make a decent living.

You can now get all the highly-qualified clients you need to come to you... you can close far more sales without resorting to undignified, high-pressure tactics... you can regain control of your practice so you're running your business rather than it running you... you can take more vacation time and have more time to spend doing the things you really enjoy.

In short, you can restore the joy of doing business and pay yourself handsomely all in the same bargain.

There’s no downside here.

This is proven stuff. It works no matter how much you believe you suck at writing right now. No previous experience or skills needed.

But that’s not all!

Your Copy Either Brings You Lots Of Money Or You Pay Nothing!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Try it out for a full 60 DAYS - risk free.

If you're not completely satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, simply let me know and I'll refund every penny of your money.

No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

There are no weasel clauses. No "fine print" for you to read.

Simply order the course and if you're not blown away by it, get your money back.

However, there is one thing for you to consider.

Originally, I used to charge as much as $997  for the same information, and the value of all the material you're getting is worth thousands. (Worth millions to me and my clients)

So, to make sure that you lock in an ultra special low price, you should act now.

You simply cannot ask for a better bargain.

Don't settle for less than the life you truly deserve.

If ever there was a time to take control of your future, this is it.

But timing is of essence. .

Naturally, I will have to limit the number of protégés I accept into this program because I give a lot of personal attention to each protege and can only devote a portion of my time to it. So, as soon as I reach capacity, I have to turn away new proteges or put them on a waiting list (with a downpayment to hold their place).

So, if you are interested in taking this program, you should respond NOW. After all spots are filled, I will have to turn away any further applicants.

Get in on this amazing new program and get in on it NOW because...

There May Not Be A 2nd Chance...

As my other projects take up more and more of my time, I will be limiting the amount of time I can devote to this program. That means I will have to either raise the price or reduce the number of applicants I can accept.

Eventually, I may even have to stop taking any more applicants into the program. So, take advantage of this opportunity. You may never have another chance like this.

So very quickly…

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