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I know it's almost impossible for you to believe, at this moment, that you can develop such dazzling 'money magnetism', but as you continue to read every word of this letter, you'll realize it's absolutely true!

Let me cut right to the chase.

As you probably already know,  I've collectively generated millions in sales on the Internet for my clients and myself and I attribute it almost entirely to my ability to turn 'words' into dollars.

As cliché as it sounds, becoming successful at copywriting is truly having a "license to print money"

I have taught many students how to do the same, and many of them have now joined the ranks of the elite, highest paid copywriting pros.

And now, I've distilled the essence of everything you need to know about this stunningly profitable ability into a single software tool that effectively allows you to virtually hardwire my entire 'brain' at the push of a button.

Needless to say, when you own the blueprint for highly profitable, proven copywriting success  —  it can literally instantly transform your ability to craft a sales message that will generate the kind of wealth that dreams are made of... .

With your permission...

I'm going to take you on a very special trip, a "copywriting adventure" if you will, and show you how you can go from raw rookie to lethal, proven copywriting pro in just minutes.

I know.

It really shouldn't be this easy.

It is.

Hang on tight to your keyboard, because you're about to learn how to effortlessly crank out  sales messages that'll keep your mental cash register ringing — for years....

And it's all just a click away.


Map To Riches!

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No Other Copywriting Tool Does This...

A Combination Of The Greatest Copywriting Minds In A Single Source - The Map To Riches combines the best ideas from the best copywriters on the planet into a sort of copywriting 'super-brain' - with redundant ideas removed and non-essential fluff eliminated - all sifted down into nothing but pure gold!

Instantly See The BIG Picture - The Map To Riches instantly gives you a full 'birds-eye' overview on the overall art of copywriting at a single glance - experiencing it for the first time is like consuming a gushing firehose of knowledge and understanding!

Burn It Into Your Brain - The Map To Riches not only contains valuable information, but it wraps it around a logical structure, colors, and graphics (proven memory aids) to burn all that copywriting goodness into your brain.

Quickly See How All The Pieces Fit Together - Because of the unique structure and layout of The Map To Riches, you see how all the elements of great copywriting fit together, like connecting pieces of a puzzle to create a clear, overall picture - it just makes sense.

Get Lightning Fast Answers - Hop from one copywriting concept to the next lightning fast. No more having to waste time searching or endlessly scrolling/flipping through pages of content looking for what you want to know. Glance-Click-Learn <-- That's how easy it is in The Map To Riches!

Experience The Power Of Pure Simplicity - Instead of overwhelming you with tons of lengthy, drawn-out, fluff-filled information, The Map To Riches taps into the power of simplicity with clear, concise, and organized content. It's less about quantity, and MORE about quality.

It's The Catalyst For Reinforcing Your Copywriting Chops - Because of the memorable nature of The Map To Riches, each time you're exposed to ideas already in the brain (at a seminar, while reading a book, etc.), those ideas and related ones are reinforced in your mind, making them even more useable to you in the future.

It's Growing And Expanding - The Map To Riches is built to be easily added onto and expanded with more tips, techniques and ideas that users submit to me. As the brain gets better and smarter, you, as a customer, get these updates for FREE!

Of course, I could go on and list dozens more bullet points about all the specific copywriting knowledge contained in the brain, but in the spirit of simplicity, I think it can best be said by stating nothing more than:

It's in there!

Start Using This Amazing Tool Now!

When you use this software, not only will the results will not cease to amaze you, but you'll also be pleasantly shocked because it clearly says bunk to every idea you've ever had about how difficult it is to crank out cash producing copy.

Now you can acquire in minutes, what took me nearly 9 years of agonizing, brain-wrecking study to learn.

Simple, yet deadly effective stuff that I perfected in blood while being in the trenches...

The same 8 figure, wicked, vicious copywriting chops that I've used to generate wealth both for myself and my clients  — all in the privacy of your home.

It's Like Having Me Write Your Copy For FREE!

The Map To Riches is the BEST 'burn-it-into-your-brain' copywriting learning tool you've ever seen!

No matter how lukewarm your copywriting is matter how difficult it all seems... you'll crank out amazing copy that automatically sells like crazy!

In fact, it's so simple to grasp (once you know these insider tips), you'll be astonished at just how EASILY your copy can send an instant stream of sales notifications to your inbox, literally on demand, and at will.

And now it's all yours to try out absolutely risk-free.... waiting for you literally at your fingertips!

It's can change your sales forever — and here's how it works...

Unlike most tools and programs that just sink you deep into overwhelm with pages and pages or hours and hours of content, The Map To Riches is a clear, concise, and tremendously powerful one-page document.

Yes, it's a one-page document - and while it may seem counter-intuitive, this simplicity is actually what makes The Map To Riches so paradoxically brilliant!

This software will help you...

Unleash Your Moneymaking Powers With The Force Of An Exploding Volcano

Here's why...

The Map To Riches is what is known as a mind map.

If you're not familiar with mind mapping, it's simply a unique, but incredibly effective way of collecting, organizing, and presenting information.

Instead of information being organized and presented in 'stacks', one on top of another (like lines in a paragraph and paragraphs on pages), information in a mind map radiates and flows outward, from a central point.

This is a similar structure to what you see in virtually everything in nature - including branches that flow out from tree trunks, pedals that flow out from the center of flowers, spiral arms that flow from the center of galaxies, and even the nerves that flow out from your central nervous system!

The benefits of mind mapping are virtually limitless, but there's an overriding theme to using it:

It provides crystal-clarity about a this case, copywriting.

It does this two main ways: In a single glance you not only achieve a 'bird's-eye' view of the information as a whole, but you easily see how all the various pieces of the topic fit together with one another.

To help you appreciate effectiveness of this approach compared to what you get from other sources, look at the following graphic, which demonstrates the difference in clarity between linear learning systems (built on 'stacking' information) and the structure used in mind mapping:

Which approach provides more value and makes the content easier to understand to you?

It's pretty clear, isn't it?

Don't you think this same concept applied to the topic of copywriting would make learning and mastering it much easier?

Well, you'll be the best judge of that when you download the Map To Riches software now

But in my opinion, here's...,

What You Don't Need

What MORE do you think it will take to make you a GREAT copywriter?

  • More books?
  • More DVD's?
  • More seminars?
  • More blogs?
  • More articles?
  • More copywriting sites?

Do you really think what's holding you back is that you just don't have access to everything you need to become a great copywriter, OR could it be that you have everything you need, but you're simply wasting most of its potential?!?

Seriously, Ask Yourself...

Do I have pages and pages of unused (a.k.a. useless) notes from attending expensive seminars?'

Are you getting much value from all those messy, jumbled notes that you spent a fortune to get?

Are they sitting, hidden away somewhere because you just don't have the time or courage to attempt to organize them into something useful and valuable?

Do I remember more from the last $9 Hollywood movie I watched than I do from those $997 copywriting DVD's I watch every now and then?

Would those DVD's you spent a considerable amount of money on serve you better a drink coasters?

When you watch them (or better yet, IF you watch them), are you doing it leisurely, with a drink in hand, like watching TV, or are you actively capturing new tips and ideas that add to your overall clarity of copywriting?

Do I collect a boatload of copywriting books, spend time reading and and occasionally underlining them, then put them back on the shelf?

OK, so you've read some copywriting books, and you've underlined some useful stuff along they way.


Chances are, that if I picked up one of those books and asked you to tell me just 3 points you underlined, you probably couldn't tell me even 1!

Reading and underlining are a total waste of time without some sort of resulting impact on your skills, don't you think?

Do I bookmark a seemingly endless collection of copywriting blogs, articles, and complete ebooks that I eventually forget about?

This is called virtual pack-ratting (or compulsive hoarding of 'stuff' that, in the long run, does nothing but clutter your mind and provides no real long-term benefit).

How much of this virtual junk do you have stored away somewhere on you computer?

Be honest with yourself!

Do you have the, 'I'll get to it someday' mentality, only to realize that with each passing year, your precious collection is doing nothing but growing and consuming space on your hard drive?

Isn't this behavior all a bit insane?

Could This Be THE Missing Link?

While reading books, going to seminars, and watching DVDs are all important, there comes a point in time where you need to stop collecting and consuming, and instead bring all that collective knowledge together into something organized and useful - something that gives you a trait that all great copywriters have.

I'm talking about...


This is the ability to see and understand copywriting from a totally unique perspective, where you not only clearly see how all the elements of writing copy fit together, but how to use them like a master to generate profit-pulling copy.

Do you have clarity when it comes to your copywriting?

If you don't yet, and you think that filling your head with more stuff (books, DVDs, seminars) is the answer, then you need to take to heart this important statement:

"Quality learning is WAY more effective than quantity learning."

This is the main reason why I created The Map To Riches.

Now, in addition to understanding the importance of crystal clarity when it comes to mastering copywriting, you need to know something else...

A Simple Discovery I Made That
Will Save You Time And Help You
Learn Copywriting Faster Than Ever Before

Tell me if this isn't true about most copywriting 'gurus':

Each one has a 'unique system', 'closely guarded secrets', and a -fill in the blank- awesome thing that no one else does.

If you're exposed to these kinds of messages long enough, you'll be led to believe that every single copywriting system or book out there is overflowing with nothing but 100% original, unique, and never heard-of material that you'll get nowhere else.

Just the thought of that is enough to make any up-and-coming copywriter's heart palpitate with anxiety - isn't it a bit overwhelming to think that the huge box of books and DVDs you just spent a month's salary on is nothing more than a 'drop in the bucket' to all that's out there to learn?

There was a time when I believed this myself, and I didn't like feeling that no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I learned, my knowledge and expertise about copywriting were always going to be vastly incomplete.

But I discovered something totally unexpectedly while I was putting The Map To Riches together that changed my mind completely!

Something I want to share with you that you may find hard to believe, but something I'm sure you WANT to know.

Are There Truly Any More 'Secrets' Left?

You see, when you spend 100's upon 100's of hours learning anything, especially with the intense focus and purpose I had with copywriting, you begin seeing things in a very unique way - you see things you would have probably never noticed before...

The simple discovery I made as I was developing The Map To Riches is that, after a certain point, supposedly 'new', 'secret', 'never-before-seen' stuff I was learning about copywriting wasn't really new at all - it was usually something I had already learned, just taught a different way.

In other words, I discovered there were literally dozens of different ways used to convey that a headline should capture someone's attention, but the single lesson was the always same - headlines should capture attention.

I only needed to learn it once, not 26 times!

Admittedly, this happened only on a rare occasion at first, but as I continued devouring knowledge and adding it to the brain, this redundancy factor became more and more obvious, much more common, and quite frankly, a lot more annoying!

Yes, annoying!


Because I was wasting a considerable amount of my valuable time and money on promises of new ideas, but what I was actually getting were old ideas 'painted a different color' - over and over and over again!

So, my gift to you, even if you have no interest in The Map To Riches, is to realize this:

If you've been studying copywriting for even a little while, you've likely been exposed to 80% - 90% of the most important ideas, concepts, tips, and techniques you need for becoming a world-class copywriter.

As a matter of fact, I'd go as far to say that nearly everything you really need to know could fit nicely into a single well-written 150-200 page book, if that!

It's not brain surgery. :)

So don't sweat the fact that there seems to be an endless selection of copywriting training tools out there - at their core, most of them are largely the same!

The bottom line is that, to become a great copywriter, you don't need another book or DVD, no matter how 'cutting-edge' it is, what you need is a clearer understanding of what you've already been exposed to.

So, now you know these 2 facts:

FACT: You Need Clarity - To get REALLY good at copywriting, having greater clarity about what you already know is more important than consuming more information.

FACT: There's Not Much To Get Clear About - When it comes to the topic copywriting, when you weed out the redundancy, fluff, and other 'extras' you find in various copywriting courses, there's not nearly as much to learn as you've been led to believe.

The last thing that's needed is a tool that is built around bringing these two truths together.

In other words, a tool that presents the best collection of masterful copywriting tips, techniques, and other concepts, in a way that's so clear, that reviewing it virtually 'burns' the mindset of the greatest great copywriters into your head!

Put The World's Greatest Copywriters To Work For You Now!

The Greatest Goldmine Of Copywriting Knowledge Crammed Into A SINGLE Application

The Map To Riches is NOT the typical product developed over the weekend, containing nothing more than several dozen pages of plain, boring text with some font styling thrown in every once and a while!

Not even close...

It's a unique, high-quality copywriting learning tool born from:

More than 6 months of focused, purposeful study of the art of copywriting

$1000's spent on copywriting books, DVDs, courses, and seminars

Dozens upon dozens of hours capturing, editing, and organizing information

Dozens of hours creating/finding, and editing images

Several hours formatting

In other words, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. :)

I sometimes think I may be one of the few people on this planet crazy enough to take on a project like this.

But that's OK, because I SET OUT to do something different, something ground-breaking, and most importantly, something that will get YOU results the 1st time you use it!

Let's get clear on this: copywriting is, hands-down, one of the most important skills you can learn and master, right?

It's what motivates people to take the action(s) you want them to take, in most cases that means paying you money.

With The Map To Riches, you have a tool that's sole purpose is to impress a master copywriter's mindset into your brain in the least amount of time!

You could possibly get similar results by spending a lot more of your valuable time, and a small fortune on more and more books, courses, DVDs, and seminars.

But, if you think that's insane (it is), and if you're convinced that QUALITY learning is more important than quantity learning, then I'm happy to offer The Map To Riches to you today for the introductory price of just $197  $127 $97 $77 $67 $37 only.

There's a valid reason for this unusually low price.

I'm considering creating 'brains' for other topics. I'll be evaluating whether to move forward on some of these ideas based on the positive response I get for The Map To Riches.

So, my thinking on the matter is the more people who grab it, use it, and experience results due to offering this discount, the more feedback I'll have to make a decision about these other projects.

So, get it now for the discounted price, while I'm still in the evaluation phase! :)

You Also Get These Valuable Bonuses!

When you grab a copy of the The Map To Riches today, you'll also receive these valuable bonuses:


Bonus #1: The Internet Marketing Seeker Software - PC EXE ($47.00 Value)


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What Makes The Internet Marketing Seeker
Such An Incredible Tool?

One-Click Access To The Best Internet Marketing Information Online

Select a marketing topic within the Internet Marketing Seeker, and then simply click any of the specially-configured links to get tips, how-to's, videos, ebooks, articles, and blogs for that topic.

Quickly discover tons of quality content related to that topic on some of the Web's most popular Internet marketing sites (including and the Warrior Forum). Watch training videos and screencasts . Get questions answered about the topic on Yahoo Answers. Discover FREE ebooks and other PDF documents.

Enjoy A Full-Range Of Multimedia Content

In the digital-age, information comes in many forms: Web pages, ebooks, blogs, articles, and one of the most exciting - video!

With the Internet Marketing Seeker, you have instant access to it all!
* The Best, Newest And Freshest Marketing Content

Unlike an static ebook whose contents go go out-of-date quickly, the Internet Marketing Seeker taps into the power of the Web for the content it delivers you. Thus, you get the best, and freshest information available on the Web for topic you're interested in.

And with the Web, new content is always being added somewhere online, and with the right tools (as the Internet Marketing Seeker provides) finding the 'best-of-the-best' of it is a breeze!

Incredibly Easy To Use

One of the main reasons I created the Internet Marketing Seeker was to help people find quality Internet marketing content online, while at the same time saving them time and hassle. Being true to this philosophy wouldn't be possible if the interface of the software was confusing, or took a long time to learn.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that there aren't any confusing menus, dialog boxes or other nonsense to slow you down. Literally, within minutes, you'll know how to use the application to the fullest!

Discover FREE Content Others Have To Pay For

Have you ever noticed how most Internet marketing ebooks contain nothing but tips and strategies that you could find online for free - if you wanted to take the time to search for them yourself?

But who wants to take the time? It's typically easier and more cost/time effective to just buy the ebook!

With the Internet Marketing Seeker, finding it online for free is so easy, there's no excuse to pay for it any longer!

Over 40 Built-in Internet Marketing-Related Topics To Choose From

Would you like to improve your knowledge and skills in any of these areas:

List Building
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Squeeze Pages
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Keyword Research
Press Releases
Article Marketing
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Traffic Generation
Public Domain
Sales Letters



Bonus #2: The How-To Seeker
Software - PC EXE ($47.00 Value

"Quickly And Easily Learn How To Do Virtually ANYTHING And EVERYTHING In Your Life Better Than Ever!"

Discover Quality How-To's - Travel, Hobbies, Money, Pets, Etc. - By Clicking Your Mouse

Here's A Small List Of How The How-To Seeker Will Benefit You:

Instantly turns you into an expert at finding how-to's online - A combination of specially designed searches and carefully selected sources help you discover how-to content the same way I do, without actually having to think about it - just click!

Cuts through the clutter - Gives you the option to confine your search to the Web's top how-to information destinations, which will help you to dramatically weed out all the nonsense sites/pages that do nothing but clutter things up and slow you down.

Taps into the power of collective minds - Unlike the how-to information in a book (for any topic) which typically contains the wisdom of a single author, the Web contains insights from multiple experts - each with something unique to teach you.

Gives you more than a how-to book could ever deliver - How-to content online is more than just text - it's dynamic, and interactive, and thus much more useful and effective. You'll even discover places to ask questions in those cases where an existing answer isn't readily available.

Quickly helps you discover related products and supplies - Accomplishing a task occasionally entails more than reading how-to's and watching videos. Sometimes, you need related products and supplies (for example, if you're interested in a hobby such as scrapbooking). With the same ease that you can discover how-to content, you can also find related products and supplies on, ebay, and Google products - It's like have a 'superstore' tailored to your needs at your fingertips!

Finds it in your neighborhood - Enter your location into the How-To Seeker and discover local businesses, services, or clubs related to a topic you're interested in.

Saves you money - While I doubt you'll be giving up buying good books any time soon, why spend more than you have to? Stop spending your money on books with information you can learn online for FREE!

Saves you time - There's no doubt that you could do absolutely everything the How-To Seeker does manually, but why in the world would you want to? It automates the searching process so you can focus on consuming, learning, and enjoying yourself.

Customizable for your needs - While the How-To Seeker comes with a built-in list of topics (see below), there may be topics you're interested in learning more about that aren't included. No problem! Add them yourself using the How-To Seeker's Favorites feature.

Expands your brain - expands your life - Vastly improve how you manage your money, travel, care for your pets, indulge in your favorite hobby, or care for your home and body



Bonus #3: FREE Lifetime Upgrades

Not much else needs to be said about this.

Order today and anytime in the future I update The Map To Riches, you'll get the update for free!


Your Copy Either Sizzles - Or You Pay Nothing!

Grab the The Map To Riches now and use it every day, as much as you want, for the next 8 weeks.

I'm so sure you'll love it that I'll give you my 100% unconditional, 8-week guarantee!

I mean, if you're not absolutely thrilled with using the The Map To Riches, and the unique way it transforms your ordinary brain into that of a world-class copywriter's, then simply request a full refund.

No questions asked, no complaining, no whining!

Download Your Copy Of The Map To Riches Now - Absolutely Risk FREE!

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you can be harnessing the incredible power of The Map To Riches in your life.

The 'little guy' CAN succeed!

Jo Han Mok
#1 International Bestselling Author of The E-Code

P.S #1: Take the brains of the world's best copywriters, combine them, then transplant that tnto your head...that's what the Map To Riches is like!

P.S #2: You'll not find another copywriting learning tool out there like The Map To Riches. It represents more than 9 years of focused reading, collecting and organizing the BEST copywriting tips, techniques, and concepts into a simple, unique, and memorable learning tool that will totally transform your ability to write compelling, emotional copy!

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