With A Borrowed Typewriter...

"43 Yr Old Ex-pharmacist From Idaho 'Miraculously' Transforms $400 Into $23,000 - Claims God Taught Him How!"

Frank B.Robinson From Moscow, Idaho

The year was 1929, Moscow, Idaho.

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A strange 'crackpot' pharmacist by the name of Frank B.Robinson from Idaho makes a wild claim about apparently having talked with God.

God told him to do 'something' with a borrowed typewriter which miraculously transformed $400 into $23,000, and spawned the world's largest mail order religion.

Religion - With a Money Back Guarantee

It was the world's first, and the largest ever.

Frank B. Robinson, a former pharmacist, was a man who rejected organized religion and almost violently antichurch in his attitude.

He founded a New Thought religious movement which he called "Psychiana," that emphasized spiritual healing, prosperity, and physical and material happiness.

On a rented typewriter he pounded out a series of lessons, trying to bring to others what had come to him in his conversion experience.

$20 in cash bought twenty lessons in the power of affirmative thought, one arriving every two weeks.

But how would he get people to read it?

Well, he invested $400 to place an ad in Psychology Magazine, and as they say, the rest is history...

This was an ad which an advertising agency in Spokan, Washington had refused to try to place.

The 'ad agency guys' told him...

"Mr. Robinson, I suggest that you forget all about this and keep your four hundred dollars. That piece of copy is mechanically imperfect. People won't answer it and you will never get a reputable magazine to run it. It's too revolutionary."

Oddly enough, Frank seemed to know better.

The ad boldly proclaimed...

"I talked with God, yes I did – actually and literally...you too may experience that strange mystical power which comes from talking with God, and when you do, if there is poverty, unrest, unhappiness, ill-health or material lack in your life, well – the same Power is able to do for you what it did for me.

That ad pulled 5,300 responses. Frank ran it in numerous magazines and it always pulled a 3% to 21% response.

"Cost Me $400...Brought Me $23,000!"

Many a millionaire will stop and ponder before attempting to launch a national advertising campaign, but I did not hesitate five seconds.

Moreover, I hold today the world's record for successful mail-order advertising.

Let me tell you about that first ad which has proved to be such a sensational piece of advertising copy.

I knew nothing whatsoever about advertising. I had never written an ad in my life.

I was no promoter, but I did know something of the Power of the Great Spirit in me, and what little I did know about that Power was more than sufficient for me in any emergency.

Borrowing a sheet of paper from the local newspaper, I sat down to try my hand at writing an ad. I had not the faintest idea how to go about it.

Then, from the nowhere, came this thought, "Don't write an ad, tell the people what you have to offer them." That is exactly what I did, and all I did. It was all I knew how to do.

That piece of copy which cost me four hundred dollars to insert brought more than twenty-three thousand dollars worth of orders for this new Teaching. It was something never before witnessed in the advertising field.

No piece of copy like that had ever appeared before...

- Frank B.Robinson
The Strange Autobiography Of Frank B. Robinson


In less than a year, he had a full-time job fulfilling requests for his books and lessons, soon shipping a million pieces of mail a year out of his office in Moscow, Idaho.

 The post office in that little town had to move into a bigger building to handle all the mail.

It became by far,  the most widely read advertisement of any period, appearing in 140 newspapers, 180 magazines, and on 60 radio stations, all at the same time.

His postal bill in 1938 amounted to $16,000 and his printing bill hit $40,000. He received 60,000 pieces of mail a day, reached more than two million people, and sent his message to 67 countries---all within one year of running his first ad.

He was called the "mail-order prophet" and more than a million copies of his publications were purchased as a result of his persuasive advertising campaign.

What makes this more amazing is the fact that all this happened amidst the Great Depression

The average person at that time didn't have enough money to feed themselves or their family, let alone enough extra cash to order books through the mail.

What does this have to do with YOU though?

Well, if you've read this far, then you're probably smart enough to realize...

You Can Wield The Same Power!

Yes, your ability to put together a powerful sales message is your key to opening the 'vault'.

It is the key to unleashing massive cashflow in any market, and in any economic situation... even if you've never successfully sold anything to anyone before in your life.

I mean, if you take religion and the supernatural mystique out of the equation, what Frank B. Robinson really did was write an ad which worked really well for his religious info-product continuity program.

And Frank certainly not alone in this department.

The truth is, any ONE sentence, headline, or idea in a single ad can produce a fortune for the right person.

The legendary "Coat of Arms" letter, written by Gary C. Halbert, was so successful it brought Halbert over 7.3 million replies- each containing a cheque (made out to his wife) or cash he could put in his pocket. In fact, getting that many orders (with cheques enclosed) forced Halbert to hire 30 full time employees -  just to make his bank deposti!

Can you imagine getting over 20,000 cheques PER DAY just like Halbert did?

Think about it. After Halbert wrote that letter, all he had to do was pay other people to mail it for him- while he sat back and collected all the money.

Joe Karbo hit a home run with "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches"

Ted Nicholas achieved mega success after the mega success "How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50"

Melvin Powers became a HUGELY successful publisher through the use of tiny classified ads

Jeff Paul went from living in his sister's basement to becoming a multi-millionaire when he started with a $138 "How To Make Money In Your Underwear" ad which became over $25,000.000!

Dr. Joe Vitale went from working at a petrol kiosk to becoming a celebrated author and star of "The Secret".

Joe Sugarman batted it out of the ball park with his ad for Blu-blocker sunglasses.

And the list goes on...

You're next.

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P.S.#3: I saved the best for last. Turns out our hot shot copywriter Frankie B had a secret source of inspiration which can definitely explain why he can write such kick-ass, riveting copy...

"I shall never forget the day the Spirit of God spoke definitely to me in the Suter home. I had been lying under a tree in Grant High Park, studying some works along the religious new thought line. The particular set of books as I recall it, was a volume called The Secret of the Ages, by Robert Collier. I have since met several times the author of those books -- in fact, I had dinner with Bob Collier in the Hotel Roosevelt not long ago. These small books helped open the way I was trying to tread, and my gratitude is to Bob Collier for having written them"

- Frank B. Robinson

BTW...I've included below an ad of Frank's I've personally reconstructed based on a description from religious journalist Marcus Bach. I think you'll find it rather interesting...

P.S. #4: If you've never heard of Robert Collier, I'm willing to wager you the largest steak in Texas that the size of your bank account can be many times bigger than it currently is once I introduce you to him during the training...

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