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Jo Han Mok's Recipe For Riches and Forbidden Persuasion are a powerful combination. Recipe for Riches really helped me get organized in my copy creation. He expertly broke down the art of copy writing to language anyone can understand and use. When I combined this with Forbidden Persuasion, my emails and offers surged immediately by over 20%. Thanks Jo Han Mok for making this so easy.

- Wayne Sharer

This letter is one you probably want to ignore.

Go ahead. Hit the 'exit' button.

Forget you ever laid eyes on this.

You'll feel much better about yourself.

There's No Turning Back From Here On...

Still reading this?

Then maybe you're one of the rare few, who can handle what I'm about to share with you.

You see, right now, I'm about break all the rules of 'good' copywriting, and tell you upfront that I'm gonna try to sell you a VERY expensive eBook, possibly the most expensive eBook in the world.

And I'm willing to break these rules, because when it comes to this eBook, there are NO rules.


Few Can Handle This eBook

Because it's unapologetically devoted to using hypnotic mind control to get everything you ever want.

You'll have the power to get people to bypass their normal and customary 'rules' about making decisions and render them unconsciously malleable to your suggestions.

Yeah...everyone else and their dog can live their lives and be governed by 'rules', but not YOU.

Like TNT, this your newfound hypnotic power is neutral.

You can elect to use it for good, or evil, if you choose....

Just like this guy in this video:



Well, the truth is, just like the cashier who was 'mugged', the same thing is happening to you everyday, but you just don't realize it.

Yes you.

FACT: Anytime you do anything, it's because someone else employed a 'mind hack' on you.

In fact, a more politically correct term for using Mind Hacks would be to 'persuade'.

Think about it...

  • You live where you live because someone persuaded you to rent or buy a home there.

  • You don't cheat, lie or steal because someone persuaded you to adopt a set of ethical and moral values

  • You buy things because you were persuaded by people to buy.

Like it or not, your world is suspended upon the complex web woven by your ability to persuade.

I mean, think about it.

Is Your Mind Truly Yours?

Heard of the 'blue collar hoax'?

Ask yourself how many people actually 'question' their 9-5 existence?

Do they know why they go to work?

Do you honestly believe that's ALL to life?

Isn't it not surprising that these people turn to the 'self-help' industry, thinking that the reason why they're unhappy is because of their inability to control their own thoughts?

And they continue to flush more and more dollars down the drain in their quest to feel more 'motivated' and to get more 'zeal' for life...

How much of a 'Giant' can you awaken when you're shackled to a desk from 9-5?

Face it.

FACT: The ONLY key to lifting yourself above the masses and getting everything you've ever wanted, is learning how to control other people's thoughts.

Think about how lawyers, clergymen, evangelists, politicians, military leaders, marketers and cult leaders got what THEY wanted by wielding 'weapons of mass influence'.

It's time for the tables to turn...

Become A Mind Criminal

A Mind Criminal is someone who consciously directs his own behavior, rises above the bicameral tendencies of the masses to exercise true dominion on their living environment... regardless of how "forbidden" it might be to the rest of the world.

You don't realize it now, but autonomy of this degree is so discomforting to society that the 'powers that be' literally go all out to 'suppress' it's occurrence.

Are Your Kids Skinny?

Listen, those not in the 'know' will be the buffoons who go 'ranting' about how 'evil' and 'manipulative' it is to control someone's thoughts.

Get real.

I'll wager you the largest steak in Texas that these are the same people who have really skinny kids because they can't SELL.

Don't you see that we're ALL manipulators?

In your quest to communicate and to get people to 'see your point' aren't you consciously or unconsciously steering people towards your intended outcome?

What if you could...

Remove 'Choice' From The Persuasion Equation?

And that, my friend, is where I come in, empowering you to create at will, regardless of your marketing experience, fascination, utter desire, and total arousal in whatever outcome you choose to communicate, and to do this with predictable, repeatable precision...

More importantly, you'll be able to skew the 'context' in which the very 'same' information is being transmitted effortlessly.

Here's an example:

Using Inverted Syllogism To Distort The Truth

"Three buddies check into a hotel room and pay the receptionist $20. Later the receptionist discovered that she's overcharged them and sends the bellhop up with their $5 change. On the way up, the bellhop is puzzled as to how to split the $5 three ways. He gives up and decides to give each of them $1 and keep $2 for himself as a tip. Therefore, each person wound up paying $19 for his share, making a total of $57. The bellhop took $2, making a total of $59."

"What happened to the extra dollar?"

Can you see how powerful it is to be able to manipulate 'context'?

or how about having a poor fool hang himself on his own rope?

The Objection 'Deflection' Strategy

Follower: "I can't spend the time I would like at our weekly meetings."

Cult Leader: "I'm not sure if you know this, but my own brother has a family and works at a full time job like you. When I told him the pressing need we have for help here he just knew he had to help and he made the time to...put in the time...and I know just how important time is to him. I'm quite sure that having been with us for so long, there's a part of you that knows this to be true..."

I know...this stuff is lethal.

Just reading this stuff already fascinates you so much and you realize how much more 'power' you'll have at your fingertips when you master skills like this.

So you want to...

Get Your 'Forbidden Persuasion Black Book'
While It's Still Available...

Grab this Black Book now and you'll learn...

Forbidden Persuasion Patterns That Suck Up Cash Like
An Out Of Control Twister On Steroids!

  • Word for word languaging to generate hypnotic lust and desire filters through which your prospects view your offer as so incredible they buy without even 'thinking' consciously

  • How to direct your prospect's online behavior. (buy, agree, follow, click - anything you want.)
  • Lure prospects into giving you even MORE money than you intended and actually feel good about doing so
  • Hacks and weasels to crack open your prospect's subconscious mind and make them receptive to your suggestions
  • Auto-closes that will mysteriously close each sale without your prospects realizing it
  • 17 Mind altering strategies to create a cult-like following
  • 5 Unspoken 'Mind Interrupts' that literally allow you to hypnotically 'will' what you want your prospects to think.
  • 9 powerful 'Time Warp' strategies to distort your prospect's sense of time.
  • What to do to create 'interest vacuums'
  • The 3 most powerful trance inducers
  • The REAL work behind pacing, delineation, and negation (This stuff is serious shit that can inflict severe mental damage to anyone you want)
  • How to create double binds and use inverted syllogism to dictate context whenever you want
  • My own version of the 'October Man' sequence on steroids
  • Easy shortcuts to create your own metaphorical attacks
  • How to unearth mind opening questions that will automatically unlock your prospect's brain and trigger persuasive, mental movies.
  • The 'DVD Player' strategy that will get your prospect to 'dream' of what YOU want them to dream of.
  • How to create your own 'hypnotic patterns' by understanding a few simple rules
  • and WAY too much to list over here!

Get Your 'Forbidden Persuasion' Black Book Now!

Hypnotic Mind Control unifies all the covert persuasion secrets of the tycoons, cult leaders, marketers, evangelists, politicians, military leaders into a single entity.

It is the spark, and energy that empowers your marketing.

It is the key to unlocking King Solomon’s Vault.

Beyond that, once you know these secrets, your inner being will be transformed, and you’ll see the world in a different light.

Your approach to making money, business and marketing will be completely reshaped and reformed.

Leave The Competition Scratching Their Heads In Sheer Disbelief!

Here are the nuts and bolts of this exciting Black eBook:

You're gonna learn hardcore 'non-traditional', 'battle tested', real world persuasion tactics that work.

There are 5 parts to this Black Book each consisting of 3 main modules:

Module #1: Forbidden Persuasion Strategems

You'll learn how the whole Persuasion Game is being played.

Imagine being able to re-engineer offers, reposition products, uncover the 'hidden benefit', completely change advertising strategies... get spectacular results from fewer dollars at the click of a mouse because you KNOW HOW.

Need to be an inventive sales thinker? Engineer irresistible offers? Make astute business decisions?

You'll be able to do all that equipped with this unfair advantage...

Module #2: Promotional Peel Away

You'll love this. I have dissected promotional campaigns that I've successfully ran, and you'll get a complete 'behind the scenes' look at the psychological motivators that make the piece work.

Each block of the promotion, every strategy and technique is fully explained and every question you could imagine is answered.

It's like looking through my marketing with a microscope.

You'll be able to shamelessly rip me off, and 'steal' the winners I've created for yourself and watch how they work like gangbusters.

It's an 'Insider's Opportunity' of a lifetime.

Module #3: Differentiate The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Attached with each lesson are real world examples of rookies mistakes and how you want to avoid them like the plague.

You will see for yourself how not to make these same mistakes especially if you are just beginning to write copy.

The smart learn from their mistakes; but the smarter ones learn from the mistakes of others.

Make no mistake.

This is stuff that WORKS.

It's not some 'pie-in-the sky' pipe dream theory that will only work if we live in a perfect world.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

You get a complete explanation of how every integrated element fits together and delivers results alongside demonstrable unequivocal evidence of how it works and that it works.

Have Money Gushing To You In Torrents!

I don't know if you could visualize your life after you've learned to transform your wuss-like, dull and punctured daydreams into supercharged deliver-on-demand blueprints for the universe.

You’ll be surprised at how easy marketing and running your business will become to you, and how much more freedom and “miracles” you’ll have in your life.

No more struggling to make ends meet and trying to “scrap through” in your marketing efforts.

If you’re skeptical at this point, and you should be, that’s healthy.

I perfectly understand where you’re coming from, but more importantly, you should see where I’m going.

If I could somehow transmit those “powers” to you, imagine what it would do for you and your financial destiny?

Perhaps you would never use these powers to enhance your life and to enjoy more freedom and power than you've ever imagined.

But something inside tells me you could!

What The Forbidden Persuasion Black eBook Is NOT

Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you what this system is NOT:

This Black Book is NOT another crappy eBook: This system has NEVER been revealed elsewhere, and will give you a complete paradigm shift, opening your mind to non-conventional, streetsmart, savvy persuasion tactics, broadening your overall strategic awareness; thus presenting you with a myriad of possibilities… empowering you to choose the combination most appealing to you. Incorporate them into your business, outmaneuver the competition, decimate and dominate your marketplace.

This Black Book will NOT: Have you sitting there and staying where you are. You WILL be proactively involved in the learning process, and be able to instantly apply the principles that I will be teaching you.

This Black Book will NOT: Have another “I forgot what I learnt” scenario. Every lesson will be available for you to refer to in years and years to come in an easy to access digital format. The whole idea of the course is that you will be able to internalize all that you’ve learnt so that persuading anyone becomes second nature to you.

This Black Book will NOT: Be another “do this, then do that” kind of mechanized route learning procedure. I’m a firm believer of teaching people to fish and feed themselves for life.

After going through this Black eBook, you will be able to apply your skills to ANY product, or ANYTHING you wish to sell because you’ve grasped the whole persuasion process so well.

Bottom line is, I don’t want to teach you 'persuasion'. I want to empower you to get anything you want, be it in print or in person.

It’s an outrageous claim, but if you faithfully apply what I teach you, do the assignments, and start taking massive action, you WILL wield the same power of a cult leader or charismatic religious figure...capable of getting people to do virtually anything for you

How Much Would It Cost To Own The 'Forbidden Persuasion' eBook?

An exclusive education like this in covert persuasion ain't cheap.

But the price of ignorance FAR, FAR exceeds the price of education.

Given the painstaking investment I have in this accumulated know-how, given its value in use, and given that this is the only time in my entire life that I’m going to discuss it all, I’d be quite crazy to attach a Walmart price tag.

Sorry, but it’s Saks 5th Avenue time.

There's no music or theatrical performances.

There's no fluff at all.

It's you and me--and SOLID, TESTED, PRACTICAL information--information you can take to the bank, influence masses, and get laid effortlessly if you choose!

$5000 would be a fair price tag, but since this is possibly the ONLY opportunity for you to lay your hands on this Black Book, I decided to give you a one-time-only chance to steal it for an ultra-low price.

To buy or not to buy?

Only you know if you are serious enough to be entrusted to wield weapons of such mass influence

Regular Price $197 Now $79 Only!

P.S.#1: You probably do not need me to tell you this, but people have been lining up to literally beg me to teach my secrets of hypnotic mind control, and like a pack of hungry lions seeing a slab of bloody meat, they will chew it up in seconds.

P.S.#2: "He who hesitates is lost". Will you be one of those who're in or just 'getting to it'? Your choice. I suggest you act right now.

P.S.#3: Well, you COULD go buy EVERY Book ever published on hypnosis and persuasion, get EVERY set of tapes on the subject, go through EVERY guru’s works on this topic, easily spend over $100,000.00 and I GUARANTEE you won’t even come close to learning what I can teach you. My library is massive. I know just about everybody in this field who teaches or consults. Some charge as much as $19,000.00 to attend their seminars. NONE OF THEM PROVIDE THE COPIOUS, PRACTICAL, STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS AND SUPPORTING EXAMPLES THAT I‘VE ESTABLISHED IN THE FORBIDDEN PERSUASION BLACK Book.

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