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"Jo Han Mok Is A Fantastic, Brilliant, Even Hypnotic Copywriter
Who Has the Map to the Gold!"

"I've known Jo Han Mok for several years now. He's a brilliant copywriter, hard working marketer, and an honest, sincere, and dear friend. Anyone watching him knows he is the real deal. And if you follow his advice, you're destined for the fortune you seek. Jo Han has the map to the gold. Follow him."

- Dr. Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale

Use this power to motivate, inspire, and enrich the lives of others, and especially yourself.

A Recipe For Riches - Who Are You Trying To Kid?


It's perfectly healthy and normal.

Quite frankly, if it didn't happen to me, I wouldn't have believed it either.

I can still vividly recall an incident that happened a few years ago...

I was going to catch a movie and was checking my email in an Internet Cafe to kill some time, when I heard a voice behind call out "Yo, Jo!"

It was one of my friends from high school.

I have not seen him for 7 years, and after the usual exchange of pleasantries, he abruptly mentioned:

"Wow... you must be doing really well cos I caught a glimpse of your bank account on the computer screen... it'll take me a good year to save up something like this..."

I went brain dead for a moment.

It wasn't my bank account that was showing on the computer screen.

It was only a transaction from a recent promotion I did.

You Need To Tap Into This Moneymaking Mind!

"Jo Han Mok is one of top affiliates and marketers on the internet today. Sending out 2 simple emails, Jo Han brought me 211 new paying customers. The way Jo Han markets is different, it's unique and it works. This is a guy who makes his point through action, not a lot of talk. If you're looking to become a super affiliate and make more money, you need to quickly tap into the money making mind of Jo Han Mok!"

Mike Litman
#1 Best-Selling Author
Conversations with Millionaires

It'd be really rude to point that out, and besides... he wouldn't believe me any way, so I just shrugged my shoulders and said it was some leftover money from my parents for my education abroad.

He smiled and said:

"Ah, I see...cos I was thinking that there's no way you could have saved up so much by yourself..."

I smiled sheepishly and said "yup..."

It was the most awkward moment of my life....

A Tale Of Two High School Kids

You see, I simply couldn't tell him that what he saw was just a fraction of what I made every single month.

Here's why...

My friend was a straight A student and he graduated with first class honors in engineering and he JUST found pretty decent job, which pays him $3500 a month, of which he's extremely proud of.

I on the underhand, used to play truant (check out my illustrious school records), and barely crossed the line with each exam.

I was the epitome of the complete underachiever, and I never did well until I went to college and finally fulfilled my parental obligations as a son and got 'them' an honors degree.

Things in Singapore are really different.

There is an underlying 'assumption' that your income potential is dictated by your level of academic achievement, which is of course complete and utter bullshit.

I mean does a piece of freakin paper really dictate how much you're worth?

I don't think so...

At the risk of sounding like a bastard, I will tell you why I was so awkward.

I actually felt sorry for that poor sod. He worked hard all his life to get his degree, and now he's working harder than before at his new job at which he slaves away 10 hours a day, and makes a whopping $3500 a month.

I don't mean to boast, but just by sending one or two emails, and I'd have made MORE than his annual income, and I wouldn't need more than fifteen minutes to write my email.

He on the other hand would have to clock over 250 work hours to make that kind of money.

"Brought My Server Down For The First Time!"

Today, with so many 'gurus' clamoring for your attention, it's difficult to separate those who truly 'do' and those who pay mere lip service.

Recently, I had my first ever Summer-Sale since 2002, and Jo Han Mok along with a few other JV Partners literally brought my server down!

That was the very first time my server went down due to traffic burst and he did nothing more than send a couple of emails!

I've been following Jo Han for years. He is definitely one of the gurus who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Be sure to pay attention to what he says - especially what he 'reveals' in between the lines.

- Adrian Ling
Creator, Easy Click Mate

What Made The Difference?

A cash pulling sales message.

Just ONE powerful sales message has the ability to elevate you from ground zero, right up to the top of life so'll make your head spin!

"Made My Business Boom Overnight!"

"Jo Han is a marketing genius who made my business boom OVERNIGHT!"

Roger Dawson, author of Secrets of Power Negotiating

And I don’t mean a few hundred in your spare time - that's chump change.

I’m talking about making so much money you can’t count it - you’ve got to weigh it.

More money than you have ever dreamed of in your wildest fantasies.

How Does $79,653.39 In 72 hours Sound?

In November 2006, I was approached by an organizer of a prestigious Internet Marketing training Corporation that organized seminars to give a money-making demonstration.

Actually, it was more like a 'challenge'. I was to conduct my demonstration under 'test conditions' with...

  • No product

  • No Website

  • No Joint Venture partners

  • No Affiliates

  • No existing money in my Clickbank account

I knew I was in 'deep trouble' cos I've never done this before.

But without even thinking, I opened my big mouth and proudly declared...

"Sure...Sit me at the keyboard of any computer in the world with access to the Internet, and in just 72 hours I'll earn at least $24,000 in cash"

The organizers were skeptical and wanted me to lower the figure. They reasoned: "$10,000 in 72 hours is still a lot to an average person"

However, I stubbornly declined.

*** PROOF! ***

On November 24, 2006, LIVE in front of a seminar crowd of 800 participants I sat down at the keyboard of a borrowed laptop.

Each participant had shelled out over a thousand bucks to be there.

I HAD to deliver. There was no other option...

With a simple click of the mouse , I sent a special message to my list.

Would anyone respond with cash?

I had no idea. This was marketing without a safety net.

72 hours after the challenge had begun, a final tally was done.

The total was $79,653.39!

And the orders kept pouring in.

Within a span of days, the total had climbed to over $120,000!!!

Frankly, there is NO thrill greater than sending out an email and having so much money come back. Or having a client cut you a check for $250k for writing a couple of letters.

You know, just go bonkers.

Whether you put this to work for your own business, launch a new venture or become a freelancer, this IS undoubtedly the most powerful and easiest way to engineer warp speed cash 'windfalls'.

And the good news is, I've made the process of creating a powerful, irresistible sales message literally 'push-button' simple.

"I Felt Like I Was On The Outside Looking In..."

The information shared by Jo Han Mok has opened the door to a whole new world of making money. Before I felt like I was on the outside looking in when I would see a fantastic sales letter or marketing piece. Right now I am within days of launching my first full blown marketing campaign Thanks to what I have learned form Jo Han.,. I am taking it to the next three levels. Thanks Jo Han!

- Jim Johnson


Recipe For Riches -  The Amazing Formula For Rapid Wealth Revealed!

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Hi Jo Han, I just wanted to tell you that I purchased your Recipe for the Riches course last week. It took me 2 days to read and study it. I then went on to create an e-mail ad and a capture page. After marketing them this week (1 week later) I am at a 50% conversion rate. I am so excited, I am still tweaking my e-mail as I am sure if more people click on it I will get even more sign ups. I am so ready to take on more projects. Thank you for writing such a powerful and very "inexpensive" tool!

- Lidia Abadia

For the first time ever...

You can lay your hot little hands on my 13-part 'plug and play' template for crafting almost magical offers that will reach out and suck up cash like an out of control vacuum cleaner.

"Two Strategies, And A $15,000 Item Sold In 3 Minutes..."
"So I decide to take the plunge and get Recipe for Riches, mainly because I like the sales copy.
(Come to find out, my sub-conscience likes it even more!) Anyway, I love the way I can immediately put the methods into action, like throwing ingredients into the stew and waiting for it to cook.
Well, it was like cooking on a nuclear stove!
I used just two of the strategies I learned on an EBay listing. Literally, within 3 minutes (I'm not kidding), this guy contacted me and said he wanted to arrange for payment and come pick up the goods IMMEDIATELY.
And this is for a $15,000 item! Jo Han, I can't thank you enough.
I have been looking for the right "recipe" for weeks and thanks to you and Adrian's recommendation I have found it. This is the missing part of the puzzle I have been looking for. FOUND!"
-Russell Portwood

You can start put this recipe to work in just minutes. And in the hands of ANYONE with even half a brain, this means MONEY. Instant money.

"Takes Us To The Next Level!"

Jo Han, You have done it again! This step by step guide is so powerful, to the newbie or seasoned veteran. As on-line marketers with much success, we find it hard to find something that actually HELPS our business. "Recipe For Riches" ... "DOES" take us to the next level. Thanks for the great step by step guide!

- Mark & Dina Call
The Home Biz Couple

And it'll work for almost any market... any product, or service!

"I Open It Every Single Day..."

What really funny is I'm already a internet success but I still went ahead and bought your "Recipe For Riches" book anyway. After reading it, I can tell you it has really helped me!

I cannot put it down and open the book every day to read what you have to say and to put this simple easy to read advice into practice!"

- John Mustafa
CEO - Oracle Components Holding Group.


"Improved Conversions By 27% On A $97 Product..."

Jo Han, you've hit a home run with this one! With just the "poking the pain point" and your 96-point checklist, I've tweaked one salespage and managed to improve conversions by 27% on a $97 product. If I knew better, this would have been my first copywriting product purchase.

- Jack Sinclair

This is a complete 'paint by numbers' approach that is guaranteed to work for you, even if you've flunked English previously.

You'll discover:

  • My 96 point killer checklist for crafting irresistible offers

  • How to get people to push their own 'buy now' button (No hard sell required)

  • The 7 part 'invisible' selling formula that will supercharge any sales message

  • The mysterious 'x-factor' in your sales message that can potentially trigger a buying frenzy

  • How to flood your prospects with "primal" buying emotions

  • The lost secret of advertising great, Clyde Bedell (This one secret can significantly boost the power of ANY sales message)

  • How to get your prospects riveted by your every word, and follow what you ask them to do as though they were in a hypnotic trance.

  • The 9 hidden pathways to 'YES'

  • How to get  your prospects are salivating non-stop over what you’re offering

  • How to turn your sales message into a money magnet

  • Exactly 'what' to say to 'arouse' your prospect, drive them wild with desire and catapult them into action

  • The copywriter, and ads which nobody knows

  • 10 psychological subtleties which can skyrocket response

  • How to automatically pump more raw moneymaking 'mojo' into your sales message with 2 magic words

  • The great persuasion equation that will allow you to sell concert tickets to the deaf, and movie tickets to the blind

  • How to sneakily install 'psychological debt' into the cranium of your prospect and make them grateful to you by selling them your product.

  • The secret architecture of a money making message (What you say is way more important than how you say it)

  • How to actually 'disturb' your prospect into buying (lethal stuff)

  • How to magically 'erase' price resistance and make the issue of price totally irrelevant

  • How to recycle, re-engineer, re-position existing sales messages for spectacular results

  • Power pointers to beat the blank page blues and get you copy flowing with fluidity

  • A word for word exhibit of an ad written in 1925 that pulled in an 'out of this world' 100% response!

  • And much much more, crammed into over 75 pages of solid meat!

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When you get your hands on my recipe I'm guessing you won’t be able to put it down. In fact, I probably couldn’t pry it out of your hands even if I tried.

"Over $600 In Auto-pilot Sales In a DAY!"

"I've been struggling to make it online for a while, and I've also been 'scammed' badly out of $15,000 USD when someone misrepresented Jo Han's online copy as being written by some fictional character. After I finally tracked down Jo Han, he not only agreed to write my copy for me, but he also coached me and laid out a 'fail-proof' strategy' that I could use. I followed his advice to a T, and sure, there was some work involved, but it paid off big time."

I've included a screen shot of my daily sales statistics here.

(Click on the thumbnail above to view the full image)

* Results displayed above are atypical. As with every business opportunity, there is always the inherent possibility of loss. Results vary from person to person and there is no guarantee that one will even get any results at all.

I think that screenshot says everything.

Thanks a lot Jo Han, I wouldn't have done it without you, and even though it took $15,000 before our paths finally crossed, it was more than worth it!

- Harsch V. Khandelwal

P.S. Here's a picture of a me and my new Lincoln in front of another new new student triplex that I bought.


You have a full 60 days to put my recipe to work, and in the unlikely event you're anything less than thrilled, you can always request for a no-hassles, full refund.

"Easily Worth 10 Times The Investment..."

Jo Han Mok's latest is full of extremely useful checklists and tips one can easily use while writing copy. A easy-to-digest format, and LOTS of information here. I especially liked the 96-point checklist spanning every major copy element. Easily worth 10 times the investment.

- Juho Tulenko

Since my recipe is 100% digital, it is yours to keep and enjoy as my gift just for trying it out.

 Try Out My Recipe For Riches Absolutely Risk Free For A Full 60 Days!

I'm Sold Jo Han - How Much For Your Recipe?

Make no mistake, the magical 'ingredients' that I reveal in this recipe cannot be found in any copywriting course or book.

"Get Couch Potatoes Off Their Sack!"




Hi this is Ted Chan, Jo Han Mok is a great teacher and mentor. He has taught me the intricacies of marketing and what business that I am really in. If you said an ebook writer, or information product producer you'd be wrong. That is something that you do. He has shown me how to really get the couch potatoes off their sack and really grab people's attention and get them to take action. I will continue to refine my copywriting skills and learn from Jo Han.

- Ted Chan

These are independent discoveries that I've stumbled upon through much trial and error and having successfully sold millions worth of products and services.

Click 'play' to listen to what John.T has to say...

It's these "inexplicably powerful" factors, that evoke a soaring response to my sales messages.

I've mined the gold, stripped off the debris, and polished it to perfection.

Now it's all yours for the taking.

"I Predict Folks Who Read This Will Become Future Millionaires!"

Jo Han, my man, I think ya've gone off the @#$% deep end this time. You've literally put together a copywriting package that no person, in their right mind, would be selling for what you're asking. Yes, you're asking way too little for this. This is one of the most insane killer value-propositions I've ever seen and, because of this immediately-usable infomation, I predict a large percentage of the folks who read this package will become future millionaires."

- Barry Goss

Empowered with my recipe, you dramatically increase your odds of success in crafting a sales message that can make you independently wealthy.

"Simply Mind Boggling!"

I can confidently say that Recipe For Riches is a must-buy for anyone who is seriously looking to make money on the internet! The stuff that Jo Han shares in this e-book is simply mind boggling! Read it and find out why Jo Han Mok is undisputedly one of the BEST writer there is

- Kelvin Kong

Based on these reasons, I should demand an arm and a leg.

But I'm not going to.

"This Is A MUST READ!"

I recently downloaded Recipe For Riches  and finished reading it over a span of the next few days. It was an easy and interesting read. The author expressed his views/ideas in a straight-to-the-point manner, and in simple, everyday language which the average person can understand. He cuts right to the source of the problem with Copywriting - which is the psychology behind the advertising rather than the words themselves (the icing on the cake, and not the cake itself! ). He goes on to tell you the 7 important secrets/elements of successful Selling/Advertising. But that's NOT all. The whole load of Goodies that comes along with this great Ebook includes 13-Step Recipe for Riches, Psychological Subtleties, 96 Point Checklist, Bonus, Bonus Pointers... and An Exclusive Feature on one of the Greatest Legends of Copywriters of all time and his secrets to Advertising and his RARE works. This is a MUST READ for any aspiring copywriters, or just everyday folks like us, who merely wants to write good sales ads, which naturally result in increased sales (More money). I don't know about you, But in my personal opinion, Recipe For Riches is definitely WORTH its Price!

- Justin Teo

In fact, you can gain instant access to my "Recipe For Riches" for the downright ridiculous investment of only $97 $77 $67 $49.95 $37 $29.95 only.

I Can't Believe It's Only $29.95!

I think you'll agree that you're virtually getting it for free, which is really my intention.

"This Is The First Time!"

Recipe For Riches has finally pointed me on the path to creating a winning salespage. I many books on on writing a salespage but this is the first time I have actually been shown the way to create a page that really makes people want to buy.

- Kerry Emrich

Why Am I Literally Giving Away My Sales Letter Blueprint That Has Made Me Millions?


I'm a huge believer in the axiom: "The more you give, the more you get".

I consider this my way of 'giving back', in a big way.

And in tough times like this, I sincerely believe that my 'Recipe For Riches' can make a profound difference in your life, in more practical and tangible ways than not.

Click 'play' to listen to what Janet Blake has to say...

I can still vividly recall...

How My Life Changed When I Discovered This Recipe

My internet business literally started to take on a life of it's own and pumped out massive profits on sheer autopilot....

And look at what went into my Clickbank account that SAME weekend.

That's a Grand Total Of $9607.31 On A Weekend!

As you can tell, that's as far back as 2004.

Obviously the 'recipe' was working it's magic.

Sales started to gush in, and the money that came into my account just grew and grew.

Moving forward...

$6882.50 In A Day!

* Results displayed above are atypical. As with every business opportunity, there is always the inherent possibility of loss. Results vary from person to person and there is no guarantee that one will even get any results at all.

What To Do Next

The late billionaire shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onasis once said, “The secret to massive success, is to know something that nobody else knows”.

"Mary Greene Shares Her Experience..."

I have bought your Copywriting Empire, Adwords Empire, and LittleGuys Online Profits course, to mention a few. What have I learned?

  • You taught me to write dazzling bullet benefits, turning my readers’ mouths into perfect O’s.

  • Your bullets are diamonds.

  • You taught me to write subtle email headlines, attracting customers with clues not bumbling hype.

  • You showed me that hypnotic mix of uninhibited passion and “I-don’t-really-need-you” cool.

  • You taught me how to funnel customers from one product to another through your bonuses.

  • You taught me to appeal to the underdog in us all, grabbing fear to motivate action.

  • Thanks for everything.

Mary Greene

This probably holds even more true in difficult economic times like these.

In a recession, or depression, the pundits are predicting that the population will be divided financially into two chunks...

The ones with money, and the ones without.

It's of course, entirely up to you which group you wish to be in.

"...Make Me Want To Buy Again!"

Jo Han is a Master Wordsmith! I'm a very busy person so I usually like to skim over many ads I see. But every time I start to skim over one of Jo Han's ads they just grab my attention and force me to read. Even if I already own the product, his ads make me want to buy again!

- Larry Dotson
The Hypnotic Business Center

And the truth is, if you've made it this far, you’ve already taken a gigantic step forward.

The next step?


And this is the clear line that separates winners from the losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and armchair mystics.

Anyone can say they want riches

Anyone can set goals for riches.

Anyone can dream of riches.

But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not talk about doing something.”

"Turns My Works Into Cash Machines!"

Jo Han, Before reading your "Recipe For Riches" I had the ability to write well enough to inform and entertain...but my audience left without any inspiration...leaving my pockets bare.

"Recipe for riches" has given me the edge I need to turn my works into cash can imagine my gratitude.

Now you see why I have been a loyal student of yours ever since. Please feel free to use my letter as a testimonial of a thoroughly satisfied customer.

Thank you for all your help and guidance.

- Alvina Torres

You owe it to yourself to tap the hidden payload of raw moneymaking power you've been ignoring your entire life...

You can elect to grab the riches within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.

"Tested One Suggestion, And BINGO!"

I have been marketing on the Internet for nearly 9 years. All went well till recently when me emails seemed to stop grabbing the attention. Obviously, there was a change in what people liked to read, but I couldn't find what changes I needed to make, till I received the email from Jo Han Mok offering his eBook. I immediately bought it (at such a low price, who wouldn't?). I tested just one of his suggestions about my subject lines, and bingo! And I have just started the training and can't wait to learn more tips. Of course, I joined the affiliate program as I feel that I am going to help so many people on my mailing lists. Fantastic, and so easy ...

- John Falgade


I think the choice is clear.

The 'little guy' CAN succeed!

Jo Han Mok
#1 International Bestselling Author of The E-Code

P.S. Undoubtedly, there is no shorter route to becoming a bona fide "alchemist of desire," and individual capable of turning desires into manifested reality for yourself and for others. Don't let this gravy train leave without you.

 "I Now Know How To Make Money Online!"
"When it comes to marketing, psycology, mindset, and downright making money online (or anywhere for that matter), I can honestly say this... Because of your products, strategies, and tactics, I’ve been cranking out the best copy of my life, I understand more about marketing psychology than I ever have before, and I’ve learned a ton about internet marketing. When it comes down to it, I now KNOW how to make money online. I’d say that from reading and getting almost every product you come out with (ok, not *every* product) and also applying your tactics and strategies, that my favorite thing to do is crank out curiosity-piquing headlines that keep people reading further into the sub-heading, and then into the opening sentence/statement, and then even further until they get to the call to action, and put money into my bank account. Thanks so much Jo Han. I appreciate it all. "

- Anthony Smith

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